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Florida Home AC Referral Program

Thank you for your recent purchase with Florida Home AC. To show our appreciation, we are giving you the opportunity to earn a $500 Amazon Gift Card! When you refer a friend in need of a new heating and cooling system, your friend will receive $500 OFF their new heating and cooling system purchase from Florida Home AC and you will receive a $500 Amazon Gift Card!

mom lifting laughing baby in the air

Refer a Friend and You’ll Both Get Rewarded!

In order for you and your friend to receive this GREAT offer, they must purchase a new heating and cooling system through Florida Home AC and/or its respective affiliates’. They also must give your name and/or service address to the Customer Service Representative setting their appointment or the Florida Home AC employee that runs the appointment.

Eligible participants making the referral will receive their reward in the form of an Amazon Gift Card after a postpaid appointment has been made to their referral. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of the Amazon gift card. A Qualified Referral will receive their reward for participation in the Program in the form of a bill credit from Florida Home AC and/or its respective affiliates’.

For more terms and conditions, please visit

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